Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
Railroad Valley Oil Well, Battle Mountain NV Antelope in New Mexico Arrow-leaf balsam root in Montana Wind Turbine Fire Management Officer in Eugene, OR
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Public Rewards from Public Lands

2007-2008 Edition

This publication contains information, State-by-State, about what the BLM-managed public lands are worth—in economic, social, and environmental terms.  Each publication includes: a map of public lands managed by BLM, a summary of federal collections and financial transfers to the states, a listing of BLM investments in the states, statistics on commercial and recreational uses of public lands, and facts on National Landscape Conservation System and other administrative and congressional designations managed by BLM. State editions include details on resources, land use, recreation, and partnerships in each state.  Statistics are from Fiscal Year 2007.


Cover of Public Rewards from Public Lands 2007-2008

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National Report5.9 MB PDF36.7 MB PDF
Alaska1.2 MB PDF7.2 MB PDF
Arizona1.4 MB PDF7.3 MB PDF
California1.4 MB PDF6.8 MB PDF
Colorado1.5 MB PDF9.4 MB PDF
Eastern States1.2 MB PDF6.2 MB PDF
Idaho1.4 MB PDF7.6 MB PDF
Montana/Dakotas1.3 MB PDF8.6 MB PDF
New Mexico1.2 MB PDF7.3 MB PDF
Nevada1.1 MB PDF7.9 MB PDF
Oregon1.4 MB PDF6.1 MB PDF
Utah1.1 MB PDF5.6 MB PDF
Wyoming1.2 MB PDF7.3 MB PDF

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