Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
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This section of Statistics and Maps is an experimental section. Below are the instructions for using Geocommunicator to generate your own maps of Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas.

You have a choice of either downloading the written instructions or watching a video. Both have low-resolution and high-resolution versions. The high resolution version is, of course, more visually detailed, but you will need a higher speed Internet connection to download/watch due to the significant increase in file size. Both have identical content, only the resolution is different.

Here are links to the printed instructions:

Low-Resolution -- How to Use Geocommunicator (1.7 MB PDF)

High-Resolution -- How to Use Geocommunicator (12.6 MB PDF)

And if you want to download the video files:

Low-Resolution -- How to Use Geocommunicator (12.7 MB WMV, played below)

High-Resolution -- How to Use Geocommunicator (45.6 MB SWF, download only)

Special Section 508 Compliance Notice: The contents of Geocommunicator are not Section 508 compliant. If you experience any difficulty accessing the data or information here, please contact the Geocommunicator staff by filing this form. We will try to assist you as best we can. This may include providing the information to you in an alternate format. A Transcript of the video is available by clicking here. It is the same for both videos posted.