Wild Horse and Burro Statistics and Maps

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In this section of the Information Center, you will find statistics on wild horse and burro population numbers, removals, adoptions, and acreage, as well as maps of Herd Areas (HAs) and Herd Management Areas (HMAs) under the BLM's jurisdiction. 

Also, please notice we are posting newly formatted maps. While the content is the same (HMA boundaries, for instance), the background and formatting is different -- all maps have a satellite photo background.

We have also posted instructions (written and video) for our users to have direct on-line access to our GIS files that contain this information so you can construct these maps yourself.

Please let us know what you think of our new maps, either the static ones or the dynamic ones in Geocommunicator, via the feedback form under the right-hand menu selection of "Contact Us" on the main wild horse and burro page.  

Mustangs on the range; a NV Summer

Mustangs on the range during
a typical Nevada summer






Heather Holmes and "Chief"

Heather Holmes and "Chief"

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