Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
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Due to rising costs of mailing, the Official Newsletter for the National Wild Horse and Burro Program is only accessible on-line. The BLM maintains a database of people that have requested notification that a new edition is available. It is very easy to request notification by electronic mail. Please use this link to receive Newsletter release announcements by E-mail . You only need to provide your electronic address. This database is only used for the purpose of receiving the newsletter and other updates about the Wild Horse and Burro Program. If your e-mail address changes, please provide your new address using the referenced link above.

If there is not a link below, the newsletter is not available on-line.

Spring FY 2011 Newsletter - NEW EDITION 

Previous on-line Editions  
Midnight and Patty

Midnight getting loved on and getting very sleepy. It's tough being a mustang.
Best Friends Forever!

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Please submit your articles to the Editor of the Newsletter, Janet Neal, at All stories should be e-mailed. If your photos are not in an e-mailable format, please ensure names are adequately identified when viewing the picture from left to right. Pictures are vital to enhance your article. Your photos will be returned. If you prefer not to identify peoples' names in the photo, please ensure this information is clearly identified.

Janet Neal
US Bureau of Land Management
P.O. Box 12000
Reno, NV 89520-0006

Please include your phone number for any additional information that may be needed. Please ensure all pictures are labeled with the name(s) of the mustang/burro. All identifying names should appear in the proper order when viewing the picture (left to right).