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How to Halter Train a "Wild Mustang" Yearling
By Ms. Virginia Freeman
Henry, a.k.a., the big mommoth donkey gelding goobder" fixes the adjusment on Brooke's halter.

Henry, a.k.a., the "big mammoth donkey gelding goober" fixes the adjusment on Brooke's halter.

First, you go to the tack room and grab yourself a halter. Next you take the halter out to the pen where the wild mustang, "Brooke",  that has never been haltered in her year old life, lives.

You try to get into the pen before the "big mammoth burro gelding goober" runs you over, because HE WANTS TO BE HALTERED FIRST~~~NOW. You wrestle the halter out of the mammoth's mouth, then you wrestle the halter out of the standard burro's
Maverick also adjusts Brooke's halter.

Maverick also adjusts
Brooke's halter.

mouth, and then you wrestle the halter out of the wild mustang's mouth. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Once you get the soaking wet halter out of the mouths of all, you attempt to halter the big goober mammoth, but his head to WAY TOO BIG for the small horse-sized halter. It won't even fit much past his lips. So, you please the big-sized goober burro by allowing him to THINK HE's NUMBER ONE!

Back to the tack room again for the mammoth's halter. 

Again, you wrestle the slobber-soaked halter out of Mr. NUMBER ONE's mouth. Apply the halter to the standard sized donkey finding it barely fits his head, but at least you can get the strap up over his head and buckle it.

After you repeat this scenario a couple of times, and also walk in a multitude of circles of various sizes, leaving dust circles on the ground that look suspiciously like crop circle patterns, you let the wild mustang chew on the halter a bit. 

A couple of moments later, you simply put the halter onto the "wild mustang's" head and buckle into place. Repeat 3 more times and call it a day because you are dizzy and exhausted from all of the circling and halter wrestling.
There's just gotta' be a better way!
Maverick, Brooke and Henry. Why's mama acting so upset about, we're a great bunch of clowns.

Maverick, Brooke and Henry.
 Why's mama so upset?
 We were just having a little fun.
Let's do it again!

Brooke's new chew toy

 Brooke's new halter chew toy. 

 Brooke talks it up about her first time being haltered.

Brooke talking it up about her first time being haltered.