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Success Stories

How to Halter Train a Wild Mustang Yearling -Wild Horse and Burro Trademarked Logo By Virginia Freeman
First, you go to the tack room and grab yourself a halter. Next, you take the halter out to the pen where the “Wild Mustang”, who has never been haltered in her year old life, lives.

BLM and Border Patrol Expand Mustang Partnership - By Stephen A. Baker
The BLM was proud to see the recent addition of four more wild horses to the ranks of the United States Border Patrol. The adopted mustangs arrived on station at the Border Patrol's Laredo (Texas) Sector in late December, bringing to nearly 50 the number of wild horses drawn from public lands that are now on the front lines of homeland security.

"Kobi" Shines Again! - By Heather Hamel
Again, I want to thank the Bureau of Land Management for their Adopt a Wild Mustang or Burro Program. I am head over heels in love with my adopted mustang, Kobi. He is the smartest and most amazing horse I have ever had the good fortune to own! Not to mention, fun....I've never known a horse that will untie shoes or unzip jackets!

"Angel", the Therapy Horse - By Marthetta Blakley
I am the proud owner of a 16-year-old Mustang named Angel. He came from a herd management area near Goldfield, NV. Angel is a lesson horse and more important, he is also a therapy horse. He lives and works at the Songbird Ranch in Indian Valley, ID.

U.S. Border Patrol's Mustang Mounted Unit Selected for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade
By Janet Neal, BLM, National Wild Horse and Burro Public Outreach Specialist
The U.S. Border Patrol's Spokane Sector Mustang Mounted Unit is proud to announce ten Border Patrol Agents are riding "America's Living Legends" at the Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 20, 2009, in Washington, D.C. A total of 53 agents from the southwest and northern Border Patrol Sectors will present the Bagpipes and Drums section, marching platoon, and the Color Guard.

United States Northern Border Patrol.

U.S. Northern Border Patrol riding American Mustangs to protect our Nation's borders.

America's Salute to the American Mustang - By Janet Neal, BLM, National Wild Horse and Burro Public Outreach Specialist
America's Salute to the American Mustang is an exciting page honoring our "Nation's Living Legends" - The American Mustang.  

Pretty Girl and Best Doggie Friend
- By Jennifer Rowland
"Pretty Girl" and Best Friend. 

"Pretty Girl" and
 her best doggie friend. 

I adopted a wild mustang in April 2005 and everything has gone great. I named her "Pretty Girl" and she is a very close family pet. My dog and Pretty Girl have developed a very close relationship as well. They play together and chase each other around like two little kids.

What We Did This Summer - By Janet Tipton, Adopter and Volunteer
The year started out about the same as it always does. Ladybug and I attended the Color County Endurance Ride and ended the way we did last year; completing the Moab Canyons Endurance Ride. But boy was it busy in between!

Jill Whitt's Beautiful Mustang "Karma"

"Karma" as a weanling. Karma grew up to be a beautiful chocolate
 silver dapple.
"Karma's" Story a Total Success in the Making
- By Jill Whitt, Adopter and Volunteer
Karma was born in 2005 on the Cold Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) in Oregon. She and her mother were removed from the public rangelands when Karma was around 4 weeks old. She and her Mom were taken to the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Wild Horse Facility in Burns, OR. Karma's mother was seriously injured a couple weeks later and had to euthanized. Karma became an orphan. 

Velma B. Johnston "Wild Horse Annie" Inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame
FORT WORTH, Texas – The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is proud to announce the 2008 Hall of Fame inductees. They will be honored during the 33rd Annual Induction Luncheon Ceremony on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mustangs Help Patrol U.S. - Mexico Border
With all the high tech efforts to safeguard the borders you might be surprised to learn old fashioned horse patrols are still quite effective. The mounted border patrol agents are beginning to ride mustangs on the Northern and Southern borders of the United States.

My Beautiful Bella - By Leta Worthington

Say Cheese!

"Rocky Freeman" chatting away at the
 CA State Fair.

My mustang story is a fairy tale with a happy ending. I truly believe that if you choose carefully when selecting a horse companion, especially a mustang, you can make your dreams come true. These animals that come from the wild are exceptional in so many ways. If you find one that is a good match for you all your equine expectations can be realized.

Rocky's Take on the CA State Fair
- By Rocky Freeman
Hi Guys! I just wanted to let you know about how fun it was for us BLM burros at the CA State Fair. This was our third time and naturally the State Fair folks invited us back. All the people there were really nice, but some of my "buddies" are quite the attention hogs. I, of course, am not, but a ear rub or 4 or 5 are really great. We can't reach them you know, so it's a special treat for us.

The "Best" of the "Best" - By Stephanie Yeh
Valentine is the second mustang my husband and I have adopted. She came from a herd management area, (HMA) in WY and is grulla in color. She is now 5 years old.

Westernaire Love with Blaze - By Tasha Roe - Westernaire Rider
Hi, my name is Tasha Roe. I have a success story with a Mustang. I am currently in the Westernaires located in Golden, CO .

Burro Love  - By Tom & Kathy Edmonston - Julian, CA
We fell in love with burros years ago in Oatman, AZ. They would stick their heads in your car window for a carrot. We did some research and knew we wanted to adopt a donkey of our own one day. 

Mike and Nancy Kerson on the Fearful Crossing

Mike Kerson riding mustang "Ruby" and Nancy Kerson on mustang "Sparky" crossing the
 NV Fearful Crossing.

Four Mustangs on the "Fearful Crossing "  - By Nancy Kerson, Wild Horse and Burro Adopter and Volunteer
Dry, dusty, with no potable water and very little game, "The Forty Mile Desert" was the most deadly and feared stretch of the Old California Trail. Historians estimate that for every 17 feet of the this 65-mile stretch of trail, there is one buried human, horse, mule, or ox. (It is called the Forty Mile Desert, but the trail through it is 67 miles).

"Mustang Lady" Inducted into 2001 American Endurance Ride Conference Hall of Fame  
"Mustang Lady" known to her best friend, Naomi Preston, as "Lady," was inducted into the 2001 Hall of Fame by the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) held in Reno, Nev., in March 2002. Lady, a wild horse, was adopted as a 2-year-old by Naomi Preston (formerly Tyler) in 1982 from the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Program.

Mustang Wins World Champion in Western Riding
On July 25, 2002, the American Buckskin Registry Association (ABRA) awarded a wild horse, Steen's Vaquero, the World Championship in Western Riding, Open. Adopted and trained by Pam and Matt Fournier of Oregon, this talented young stallion, also known as "Cowboy," placed 3rd in the world for Trail, Junior Horse and English Pleasure, Open and 4th in Hunter Hack, Open.

First Show Jitters  - By Melissa Scott
To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but to control his every movement. The past two and a half years have been spent with Sombra working on a solid foundation. After all the schooling and riding I felt that it was time to challenge Sombra and myself in a competitive show ring atmosphere. So what better place than a National Reining Horse Show.

Backcountry, SUV  By Tom Taylor
"Sir Kai" and Ray Bailey

"Sir Kai" and Ray Bailey received national recognition from
 the AERC. 

Nothing beats a good backpack trip into the backcountry . . . . except for one problem - the backpack.

Adopted Wild Horses Honored for Endurance Achievements
America's wild horses have long been praised by their owners for their toughness, intelligence and endurance. Now, two Northern California wild horses, and their owners and riders, have received national recognition from the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the National Wild Horse and Burro Foundation for their excellence in endurance competition.
Sam and "Spud" enjoying a break at the UT Wild Horse and Burro Festival

 Sam and "Spud" enjoying a break at the UT Wild Horse and Burro Festival.

A Dream Come True in Utah - By Lisa Reid, UT Public Affairs Specialist
Every now and then we are privileged to experience a "Dream Come True." This is a story about Sam and his dream come true, a wild horse named “Spud.” I hope that it touches your heart as it did mine.

An Arizona Adopter’s Passion for Wild Horses … and Burros
One of the adopters that comes to mind when we are asked about success stories is Randy Helm. First adopting in 1994, Helm has since adopted seven wild horses and one burro. He teases that Libby, his wife, is the "only reason" he adopts.

Mustangs on the Mojave Trail
 By Doug Gorman, CA BLM Volunteer
For the last twenty-one years, the Norco Mounted Posse has sponsored a trail ride across the Mojave Desert, using the old Mojave Trail. Depending on which trail head the ride starts from, the average miles traveled are approximately one hundred and fifty. The trip begins in the first week of April so we can avoid the hot weather.

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