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Facility and Internet Adoptions

Federal protection and few natural predators has resulted in thriving wild horse and burro populations that increase in number each year.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) monitors rangeland conditions and wild horse and burro herds to determine if the number of animals; including licensed livestock and wildlife the land can support. When necessary, to maintain healthy rangelands, the BLM gathers excess wild horses and burros from areas where vegetation and water will become too scarce if overpopulated.

These excess animals are offered for adoption to qualified people through the Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro Program. The BLM holds adoptions at temporary locations throughout the United States year round. For more information about scheduled adoptions in your area, please visit the BLM's National Adoption Schedule.

In addition, the BLM offers the public several permanent adoption centers and facilities to visit and adopt a wild mustang or burro. You may also call the BLM's National Wild Horse and Burro toll free number at (866) 4MUSTANGS for additional information. The BLM also maintains a facility report, which shows the numbers of animals at various holding facilities.

The BLM also offers wild horse and burro Internet adoptions at the Internet Adoptions page.  

The BLM has wild horse training agreements with state correctional institutes in Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.  These locations also serve as adoption centers.  Contact your state field office for details.


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