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                     New Mexico's $500 Adoption Incentive Program


       When you adopt an adult mustang, age four and over, BLM-New Mexico will pay you $500 to assist with your care and feeding costs.
All standard adoption rules and fees apply.

The incentive is offered only for "mature" mustangs.

The incentive is paid after title has passed on to the adopter and the animal has received proper and humane care.  A licensed veterinarian must attest to the animal's care on the application for title.

The incentive is not payable if the adopted mustang dies or is returned to the BLM.         

Mark Davitt's soulmate "Rocky".

Mark Davitt's soulmate "Rocky."

Samantha Passman and Sampson

Samantha Passman
 adopted "Sampson"
several years ago.









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