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Federal protection and a lack of natural predators have resulted in thriving wild horse and burro populations that grow substantially each year. The BLM monitors the public rangelands to determine the number of animals, including livestock and wildlife, that the land can support. Each year the BLM gathers wild horses and burros from overpopulated Herd Management Areas where vegetation and water could become scarce from overuse.

These excess animals are offered for adoption to qualified individuals through the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program. After properly caring for an animal for one year, the adopter is eligible to receive title, or ownership, from the Federal government. While the challenge of adopting animals is greater than ever, the program remains popular. The BLM has placed more than 225,000 wild horses and burros into private ownership since 1971.

For more information on BLM adoptions and locations, please visit the adoption schedule. To apply to adopt a wild horse or burro on-line, please go to the BLM's adoption application.  If you are interested in adopting directly from one of the BLM's holding facilities, please visit the agency's facilities page.

If you can't adopt but still want to help, you can volunteer, serve on advisory committees, or donate funds to assist wild horses and burros. Click here for more information.

CA Adoption

A mustang and burro silent bid adoption

A great shelter, as required, when adopting a wild horse or burro. Mustangs, waiting to be adopted and be a permanent member of your family. David Freeman with his wild burro pack string.

A shelter is required when 
adopting a wild horse or burro.

 Wild horses waiting for you to adopt. Take one home and experience the love and bond.

 David Freeman, an adopter, with
 his wild burro pack string


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