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Request for Proposals: Trainer Ambassador Pilot Program

Two pictures, one of an english saddle and one with western saddle

The BLM has been making excess animals removed from the range available for adoption since 1971 and has placed more than 235,000 animals into private care. Over the last 10 years, adoptions have steadily declined to approximately 2,500 animals per year. Adoptions totaled 2,631 animals in FY 2015 – compared to 5,701 in FY 2005, a decade ago. The Program is taking a number of steps to increase adoptions, including building on successful partnerships that facilitate adoptions and increase the number of trained animals available for adoption. Trained horses and burros are in greater demand and are more likely than untrained animals to be adopted by private parties.

One of the identified barriers to placing a greater number of animals into private care is the need for additional foundational training to attract more potential adopters. The Program receives requests from interested adopters and it is clear that the demand for trained animals exists.

In an effort to increase the number of trained animals available for placement into private care, BLM issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for funding assistance to train wild horses and burros for placement into private care in the Eastern United States.  

The RFP is now closed. Please visit again soon for future announcements.


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