Herd Management Area and Herd Area Maps by State

This table contains links to available maps for Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and Herd Areas (HAs) under the BLM's jurisdiction.  Clicking on a state takes you to that state's page with more information about specific HMAs and HAs.  A set of national-level maps provides a general perspective of HMAs and HAs.


Managed Areas


Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas (3.1 MB)


Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas (4.1 MB)

ColoradoHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (2.1 MB)
IdahoHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (1.9 MB)
Montana Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas (1.3 MB)

Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas (11.3 MB)

New MexicoHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (1.7 MB)
OregonHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (6.2 MB)
UtahHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (4.2 MB)
WyomingHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (5.2 MB)
NationalHerd Management Areas and Herd Areas (2.4 MB)

About HAs and HMAs

Under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, the BLM identified herd areas (HAs) as places used as habitat by a herd of wild horses at the time the Act was passed.  To carry out its duties under the 1971 law, the BLM periodically evaluates each HA to determine if it has adequate food, water, cover, and space to sustain healthy and diverse wild horse and burro populations over the long-term.  The areas that meet these criteria are then designated as Herd Management Areas (HMAs), where horses or burros can be viably managed as a component of the public lands.  The BLM does its work under the Act using HMAs as the main geographic unit.

Unmanaged Acres

Some BLM acres are not being managed for wild horses and burros, for a variety of reasons.  The maps below show the Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas with an overlay showing acres that are not managed for wild horses and burros, with a key explaining the reasons.

Maps of Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas Showing Unmanaged Acres






New Mexico





For tables showing reasons why certain BLM lands are not being managed for wild horses or burros, with acreage details for each state, select this link.


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