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National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Proceedings

The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board met March 10-11, 2011, in Phoenix, Arizona.  The proceedings of the meeting were recorded and videos of the sessions were uploaded to the BLM's YouTube channel.  In addition, the presentations and documents distributed at the meeting are now available for download.

Documents from the Meeting of March 10-11 2011

1. Minutes from June 15, 2010 Meeting

2. BLM Response to Advisory Board Recommendations

3. WH&B Budget Overview Presentation

4. 2010 Gather Statistics

5. 2010 Gather Schedule Presentation

6. 2011 Gather Statistics

7. 2011 Gather Presentation

8. Holding Facilities Report (2/22/2011)

9. FY 2011 Adoptions by State

10. Adoptions by State 2009

11. Mustang Heritage Foundation Presentation

12. U.S. Forest Service Report (3/10/2011)

13. Non-Management Herd Area Totals

14. Reasons for Non-Management of Herd Areas

15. Herd History Presentation

16. Litigation PDF

17. Research Update

18. AHPA Final Report

19. Office of Inspector General Report

20. BLM Memo on Office of Inspector General Report

21. Information on Public/Private Partnerships

22. Information on National Academy of Sciences Study

23. National Academy of Sciences Presentation

24. Fundamental Reforms Overview

25. Proposed Strategy for WH&B Program

26. News Release on Fundamental Reforms

Video of the Meeting on YouTube