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Request for Proposals: Off-Range Pastures for Wild Horses

This is a perfect opportunity to diversify your ranching operation. Pictured are horses on a green pasture.

As part of its efforts to provide humane, cost-effective care to wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contracts with private landowners for pasture space to accommodate wild horses that have been removed from the range. Pastures vary in size and capacity, but must be large enough to allow for freeroaming behavior and provide all necessary food, water, facilities, personnel and supplies necessary to maintain a minimum of 200 wild horses in a healthy condition.

Many ranchers see the opportunity to care for wild horses not only as a valuable experience and worth-while endeavor, but because it helps to diversify their ranching operations.

Respond to the Request for Proposals

The BLM obtains off-range pasture space for wild horses through an open-bid, competitive solicitation process.

Currently, there is no open solicitation. Please check back soon for future opportunities.


News release: BLM Seeks Bids for Off-Range Pastures to Care for Wild Horses (3/11/16)
Off-range pasture frequently asked questions available here.

Slideshow on the operation of a typical off-range pasture available here.


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Video: example of a wild horse off-range pasture
Transcript of the video is available here (.pdf).
Download version in higher resolution here (.wmv).
BLM’s Second Annual Long-Term Pastures Public Tour
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June, 2012

External Resources

Assistance may be available by locating a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) in your state by calling (615) 268-6644 or visiting 

The PTAC’s are federally funded and represent a nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals that can guide you through the steps of submitting proposals for government contracts – most are free to little charge. 
The BLM does not endorse any company, but the following two private companies have provided us with permission to release their names: 1. Fed Biz Solutions, Inc., Attn: Dale Wells, 970-660-7100/303-895-8822; 2. Reba Payne, 405-401-9718,

Contact Us

For specific questions about the contract process, contact Kemi Ismael, 202-912-7098, ; Michael Byrd, 202-912-7037, ; or Lamont Sawyers, 202-912-7028, They can assist with general questions and/or coordinate a meeting for you with a local BLM small business specialist.

For general questions regarding the Wild Horse and Burro Program, visit our Contact Us page.

Wild horses grazing in an off-range pasture.