Land Use Plan Protest Process
BLM Director's Protest Resolution
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Director's Protest Resolution Reports

The Director’s Protest Resolution Reports analyze each unique or summarized protest issue statement received on each individual BLM Proposed Resource Management Plan to determine whether the State Director followed established procedures, considered relevant information in reaching proposed decisions, and whether the proposed decisions are consistent with the applicable statutes, regulations, and BLM policy.

See the BLM’s Protest Resolution Procedures for more information on the Land Use Plan Protest Process. 

The following Director’s Protest Resolution Reports are available for online viewing or download.


Programmatic Land Use Plan Amendments for Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States (October 11, 2012)372 Kb03/22/2013
Director's Protest Resolution Report - Amendments for Allocation of Oil Shale & Tar Sands Resources (March 19, 2013)1000 Kb03/22/2013


Delta River Special Recreation Management Area Plan and East Alaska Resource Management Plan Amendment (December 9, 2011)403 Kb04/03/2012


Agua Fria NM and Bradshaw-Harquahala RMP (February 2, 2009)120 Kb01/16/2014
Lower Sonoran and Sonoran Desert National Monument RMP (September 14, 2012)1520 Kb01/16/2014
Ironwood Forest National Monument RMP (February 25, 2013)396 Kb01/16/2014
Quartzite Solar Energy Project and Yuma Field Office RMP (June 3, 2013)410 Kb01/16/2014
APS Sun Valley to Morgan 500/230kV Transmission Line Project Final EIS and Resource Management Plan Amendment (January 16, 2014)412 Kb01/16/2014


Sunrise-Eastern San Diego RMP (January 8, 2009)287 Kb09/14/2016
Carrizo Plain National Monument RMP560 Kb09/14/2016
Imperial Valley Solar Project CDCA Amendment (Oct. 5, 2010)217 Kb09/14/2016
Chevron-Lucerne Valley Solar Project CDCA Amendment (Oct. 5, 2010)114 Kb09/14/2016
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System Project CDCA Amendment (Oct. 7, 2010)195 Kb09/14/2016
Calico Solar Project Plan CDCA Amendment (Oct. 20, 2010) 176 Kb09/14/2016
Blythe Solar Power Project CDCA Plan Amendment (Oct. 22, 2010)108 Kb09/14/2016
Genesis Solar Energy Project, California (Nov. 4, 2010)126 Kb09/14/2016
Desert Sunlight Solar Farm Project CDCA Amendment (August 2, 2011)375 Kb09/14/2016
Rice Solar Energy Project CDCA Amendment (November 15, 2011)448 Kb09/14/2016
Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility CDCA Plan Amendment (May 11, 2012)841 Kb09/14/2016
McCoy Solar Energy Project CDCA Amendment (March 13, 2013)529 Kb09/14/2016
Desert Harvest Solar Project CDCA Amendment (March 13, 2013)977 Kb09/14/2016
Alta East Wind Project CDCA Amendment (May 20, 2013)422 Kb09/14/2016
McCoy Solar Energy Project CDCA Amendment - Supplemental Protest Report (May 29, 2013)552 Kb09/14/2016
Imperial Sand Dunes RAMP (June 5, 2013)595 Kb09/14/2016
Clear Creek Management Area Resource Management Plan and Final EIS (February 4, 2014)543 Kb09/14/2016
Stateline Solar Farm Project CDCA Amendment (February 19, 2014)280 Kb09/14/2016
Dog Creek-Green Creek Allotments - Bishop RMP Amendment (October 17, 2014)165 Kb09/14/2016
Bakersfield RMP Protest Report (December 22, 2014)1789 Kb09/14/2016
Soda Mountain Solar RMPA (California) (March 28, 2016)378 Kb09/14/2016
DRECP LUPA Protest Report (September 14, 2016)1329 Kb09/14/2016


Dry Creek Travel Plan Management Plan RMP621 Kb09/25/2015
Canyons of the Ancients National Monument RMP768 Kb09/25/2015
Geothermal Lease Amendment--Gunnison RMP (August 10, 2011)374 Kb09/25/2015
Little Snake Resource Management Plan (October 14, 2011)369 Kb09/25/2015
Tres Rios RMP Protest Report (February 6, 2015)844 Kb09/25/2015
Kremmling RMP Protest Report (June 19, 2015)579 Kb09/25/2015
Colorado River Valley RMP Protest Report (June 12, 2015)937 Kb09/25/2015
Grand Junction RMP Protest Report (August 10, 2015)736 Kb09/25/2015
White River RMPA Oil and Gas Protest Report (August 17, 2015)782 Kb09/25/2015
Northwest Colorado GRSG LUPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1163 Kb09/25/2015

Eastern States

Alabama-Mississippi RMP (December 5, 2008)195 Kb03/19/2009


Cottonwood RMP (August 18, 2009)193 Kb09/22/2015
Pocatello RMP (July 10, 2012)765 Kb09/22/2015
Cassia RMPA Protest Resolution Report (November 19, 2013)171 Kb09/22/2015
Jarbidge RMP Final Director's Protest Report (September 2, 2015)796 Kb09/22/2015
Idaho-Southwestern Montana GRSG LUPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1023 Kb09/22/2015


Butte RMP (February 11, 2009)401 Kb09/22/2015
North Dakota GRSG RMPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)828 Kb09/22/2015
Miles City (Montana) GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)846 Kb09/22/2015
Lewistown (Montana) GRSG RMPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)872 Kb09/22/2015
HiLine (Montana) GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)820 Kb09/22/2015
Billings-Pompeys Pillar National Monument (Montana) GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)939 Kb09/22/2015
South Dakota GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)653 Kb09/22/2015

New Mexico

Socorro RMP (May 20, 2010)235 Kb12/21/2015
Taos RMP (July 11, 2012)651 Kb12/21/2015
Farmington Field Office Visual Resource Management RMP Amendment (June 18, 2014)501 Kb12/21/2015
SunZia Transmission Line Plan Amendment Protest Report (January 23, 2015)660 Kb12/21/2015
Farmington RMP Amendment (New Mexico) for the Glade Run Recreation and Transportation Management Plan (May 22, 2015)442 Kb12/21/2015
Prehistoric Trackways National Monument RMP Protest Report (December 21, 2015)189 Kb12/21/2015


Silver State Solar South Project Las Vegas Resource Management Plan Amendment (February 19, 2014)333 Kb05/31/2016
Winnemucca RMP Protest Report (May 21, 2015)1022 Kb05/31/2016
Nevada-Northeastern California GRSG LUPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1725 Kb05/31/2016
Nevada and California Greater Sage-Grouse Bi-State Distinct Population Segment Land Use Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement (May 27, 2016)699 Kb05/31/2016


Western Oregon RMP (December 29, 2008)1650 Kb08/05/2016
John Day Basin RMP Protest Report (April 2015)570 Kb08/05/2016
Oregon GRSG RMPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1057 Kb08/05/2016
Western Oregon RMP Protest Resolution Report (August 5, 2016)1256 Kb08/05/2016


Kanab RMP (October 31, 2008)933 Kb09/22/2015
Moab RMP (October 31, 2008)949 Kb09/22/2015
Price RMP (October 31, 2008)878 Kb09/22/2015
Richfield RMP (October 31, 2008)736 Kb09/22/2015
Vernal RMP (October 31, 2008)873 Kb09/22/2015
Monticello RMP (November 14, 2008)988 Kb09/22/2015
Mona to Oquirrh Transmission Corridor--Pony Express RMP Amendment (Feb. 4, 2011)781 Kb09/22/2015
Utah GRSG LUPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1589 Kb09/22/2015


Pinedale RMP (November 25, 2008)902 Kb09/22/2015
Rawlins RMP (December 24, 2008)713 Kb09/22/2015
Kemmerer RMP (May 25, 2010)610 Kb09/22/2015
Fortification Creek Plan Amendment-Buffalo RMP (July 21, 2011)742 Kb09/22/2015
Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Visual Resource RMP and FEIS (October 5, 2012)512 Kb09/22/2015
Gateway West Transmission Line and Land Use Plan Amendments (November 12, 2013)501 Kb09/22/2015
Lander RMP (June 26, 2014)676 Kb09/22/2015
Wyoming 9-Plan GRSG LUPA Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1160 Kb09/22/2015
Buffalo (Wyoming) GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1026 Kb09/22/2015
Bighorn (Wyoming) GRSG RMP Protest Report (Sept. 15, 2015)1076 Kb09/22/2015
Last updated: 05-31-2016