Land Use Plan Revisions

In 2001, the BLM initiated an effort to evaluate and amend or revise its existing land use plans (many of which were more than 20 years old) in response to changing conditions and demands on the public lands.  This included the preparation of new plans for designated units of the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS). Today, the BLM has completed over 75 Resource Management Plans or major plan amendments. Over 45 plans are currently in various stages of revision. The Director's Ten Year Planning Schedule displays current and future planning efforts through FY2018.

Most Recent Publications

  • 9/20/2013 - San Juan Proposed RMP published
  • 9/06/2013 - Winnemucca Proposed RMP published

Land Use Plan Revisions In Progress


Federal Register Notice Publication

Planning Project

 Notice of Intent


 Proposed RMP/EIS

Eastern Interior Alaska RMP2/29/2008 2/24/2012 
San Pedro RNCA RMP 4/30/13  
Clear Creek RMP 9/6/200712/4/2009  4/5/2013
Bakersfield RMP 3/4/20089/9/2011 8/28/2012
South Coast RMP8/7/20079/23/2011  
Grand Junction RMP10/15/2008 1/25/2013 
Colorado River Valley RMP3/2/2007 9/16/2011  
Kremmling RMP3/2/2007 9/16/2011  
Uncompahgre RMP2/25/2010   
San Juan RMP12/14/2004 8/26/2011 9/20/2013
Dominguez-Escalante NCA RMP8/3/2010  5/17/2013 
Eastern States      
Southeast RMP10/8/2008  
Jarbidge RMP1/10/2006 9/3/2010  
Four Rivers RMP4/3/2008  
Upper Snake RMP2/28/2008   
Hiline RMP9/6/2006 3/22/2013 
Miles City RMP2/4/2005 3/8/2013 
North Dakota RMP7/19/2007  
South Dakota RMP7/19/2007 6/14/2013 
Billings/Pompey's Pillar NM RMP3/15/2008 3/30/2013 
Winnemucca RMP3/25/20056/25/2010 9/6/2013
Las Vegas RMP6/5/2010  
Carson City RMP2/24/2012  
Battle Mountain RMP12/13/2010  
New Mexico
Tri-County RMP1/28/2005  4/12/2013 
Rio Puerco RMP2/29/2008  7/13/2012 
Carlsbad RMP6/10/2010   
Prehistoric Trackways NM RMP1/5/2010  7/20/2012 
Oklahoma, Kansas, & Texas RMP7/26/2013  
Southeast Oregon RMP Amendments4/8/2010  
Lakeview RMP Amendments4/8/2010   
John Day Basin RMP2/21/2006 10/31/2008  4/20/2012
Baker RMP1/15/2008 11/25/2011  
Eastern Washington & San Juan RMP4/30/2010   
West Eugene Wetlands RMP6/8/2011  10/19/2012 
RMPs for Western Oregon3/9/2012  
Cedar City RMP9/10/2010   
Beaver Dam Wash NCA/Red Cliffs NCA RMP5/10/2010   
Lander RMP2/13/2007 9/9/2011  2/22/2013
Big Horn Basin RMP10/17/2008 4/22/2011  
Buffalo RMP11/14/2008  6/28/2013 
Rock Springs RMP2/1/2011   

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