FY 2011 Washington Office Instruction Memoranda (IMs)

WO IM 2011-003Right-of-Way Management, Solar Energy
WO IM 2011-004Transmittal of Revised Recreation and Visitor Services Land Use Planning Guidance, Updated Checklist, and Three Land Use Planning Templates
WO IM 2011-057 
National Landscape Conservation System Data Standard
WO IM 2011-059National Environmental Policy Act Compliance for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Right-of-Way Authorizations
WO IM 2011-060Solar and Wind Energy Applications – Due Diligence
WO IM 2011-061Solar and Wind Energy Applications – Pre-Application and Screening
WO IM 2011-063Final Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Administrative Units (Boundaries) Data Standards and Database Submission Requirements