Land Use Planning

BLM’s Resource Management Plans (RMPs) form the basis for every action and approved use on the public lands.  The BLM prepares RMPs for areas of public lands, called planning areas, which tend to have similar resource characteristics.  Planning emphasizes a collaborative environment in which local, state, and tribal governments, the public, user groups, and industry work with the BLM to identify appropriate multiple uses of the public lands. Plans are periodically revised as changing conditions and resource demands require. 

RMPs are used by managers and the public to accomplish the following:

  1. Allocate resources and determine appropriate multiple uses for the public lands;
  2. Develop a strategy to manage and protect resources; and
  3. Establish systems to monitor and evaluate status of resources and effectiveness of management practices over time. 

The Washington Office Planning Program establishes national planning policy and guidance, assists field offices through the plan revision process, resolves protests on proposed plans, and provides planning expertise to other Washington Office program areas.

Planning "In the Spotlight":

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Resource Management Plans by State:

Eastern StatesIdaho
MontanaNew Mexico

Washington Office Planning Staff  
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