The Enterprise GIS system (e-GIS) enables Bureau employees and stakeholders to access geospatial data, information, and knowledge; whenever and wherever it's needed. The e-GIS vision it to:

  • Empower Bureau managers and specialists by providing access to automated, maintained, and standardized geospatial data.
  • Effectively integrate geospatial information into the agency's business processes.
  • Transform business information into corporate knowledge using geospatial applications that embody state-of-the-art spatial analysis and visualization tools.
  • Allow the knowledge derived from spatial analysis to be used by managers to initiate actions and effect outcomes through a defensible decision-making process.
  • Permit our stakeholders to access the Bureau's geospatial data and information to facilitate interaction with the agency.

BLM users can now log into the e-GIS system by signing into the Citrix server. Through e-GIS, users may access ArcGis9.3.1, National BLM Datasets, and other geospatial tools.

Data Standards: