Geospatial Program

Public land management requires knowing the location of the public lands and an understanding of the distribution and current conditions of natural resources.  It also requires the ability to correlate the past, present, and future conditions of natural resources to land management activities and land use plan implementation.  In addition, a wide variety of regulatory and permitting activities must also be supported. These functions all require correlating spatial locations against other variables and establishing relationships. 

The BLM's Geospatial Program supports effective resource management by obtaining and providing geospatial information. The Enterprise GIS system (e-GIS) enables Bureau employees and stakeholders to access necessary data. The Geospatial Program is currently implementing the Geospatial Services Strategic Plan, which will establish a structure for the continued governance and use of geospatial information.

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Washington Office Contacts  
Patrick MahoneySr. Geospatial Program Manager202-912-7214
Leonard GoreGeographer202-912-7348
Russell SlattonGeospatial Program Analyst (detailing)202-912-7567