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ADR Program

ADR Training Resources

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and conflict prevention techniques are proven in developing more innovative, longer-term, and cooperative solutions to natural resources and other disputes, with reduced transaction costs.  For those who are seeking to improve their skills in ADR or conflict prevention techniques, this page offers a list of training resources both internal and external to the BLM.


BLM Employees:  The BLM strongly encourages all BLM staff to learn more about ADR, conflict prevention, and collaborative stakeholder engagement processes and strategies. Training is crucial for all BLM employees who have interaction with the public, including managers, as well as others who need to understand how these processes can enhance negotiation and Bureau decision making.  Training in ADR and conflict prevention also assists employees in their workplace relations.  The BLM's National Training Center offers multiple courses in ADR and related disciplines, which are open to BLM employees (and occaisionally to non-employees).  In addition, the ADR Program staff are available to assist individuals and offices by identifying existing relevant training.  Please contact us.


BLM National Training Center (NTC) Courses
  • Fundamentals of Natural Resources Negotiation (1610-25) -- this course was an interactive satellite broadcast, aired in Fall of 2007.  The 3-hour broadcast is available for viewing on the NTC website's Knowledge Resource Center
  • Advanced ADR/Conflict Prevention for Managers (1620-22) -- This 1- to 1-1/2-day class is available to management teams upon request.
  • ADR: Advanced Strategies to Prevent/Manage Natural Resources Conflicts (1620-25) -- This 5-day class is offered once each year at various locations in the west.
  • Facilitator Skills (1400-10)
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills (1400-30)

For more information on these and other applicable courses, go to the NTC website,, or contact Cathy Humphrey at 602-906-5536.


External Training Opportunities and Resources:

More trainings can be found on the Department of Interior’s Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution training site.