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The Federal Advisory Committee Act

Congress passed the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), 5 U.S.C. Appendix (App.), in 1972 to create an orderly procedure by which Federal agencies may seek advice and assistance from citizens and experts.  Under FACA, any time a Federal agency intends to establish, control, or manage a group that gives advice as a group and has at least one member who is not a Federal, Tribal, State, or local government employee, the agency must comply with FACA and the related administrative guidelines developed by the General Services Administration (GSA). For the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), additional requirements for administering advisory committees are found at 43 CFR § 1784. 

The BLM charters its Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) and other advisory committees pursuant to the requirements of FACA and the BLM’s Advisory Committee regulations. The agency has many other opportunities, however, to participate in collaborative community working groups and other less formal assemblages of stakeholders without implicating FACA. 

BLM Guidance

The guidance in the links on the right explains more fully the boundaries of FACA, provides key considerations and best practices, examples of when FACA might or might not apply, and answers to frequently asked questions.  Use the Table of Contents to browse through the guidance section by section, or download a full version or other parts of the guidance under the downloads section.

For Further Information

For further information about FACA as it applies to collaboration, also see Legal Challenges to Collaboration on the Learning from Experience: A National Resource for Collaboration and Partnerships site, hosted by the University of Michigan's Ecosystem Management Initiative.

For further information about FACA generally, see the General Services Administration's site.

FACA Guidance Table of Contents
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Guidebook on the Federal Advisory Committee Act (.PDF)

FACA Summary Brochure & Reference Sheet (.PDF)

"Does FACA Apply?" Decision Chart (.PDF)

Meeting Checklist (.PDF)