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ADR Program

BLM ADR Advisory Council

The ADR Advisory Council is the ADR Program’s primary means of communicating and interacting with the BLM field.  Members of the Advisory Council act as points of contact for specific BLM States, programs, or offices; they provide input on ADR experiences and needs; help in the evaluation and development of ADR policy; and act as a resource in their State or office for implementing ADR strategies and principles.

The Bureau Dispute Resolution Manager chairs the ADR Advisory Council.  Membership of the council includes the ADR Program staff in the Washington office, as well as three committees comprised of one or more representatives from each BLM State and appropriate Centers and Directorates.  The council's three committees are:

ADR Manager-Advisors:

The ADR Manager-Advisor's group consists of members of a BLM State Office leadership team. Members are drawn from the ranks of deputy state directors, field managers, and others. The primary purpose of Manager Advisors is to ensure BLM management stays informed of developments concerning ADR, conflict prevention, and collaborative stakeholder engagement policy, and to assist in making any necessary program or operational changes to enhance the BLM’s ability to meaningfully implement ADR, conflict prevention, and collaborative stakeholder engagement strategies and principles in the BLM.  

Natural Resources ADR Advisors: 

Natural Resource Advisors focus on assisting with development and implementation of ADR, conflict prevention, and collaborative stakeholder engagement policy focused on the BLM’s mission programs. They act as points of contact for field personnel who seek advice and counsel on developing or engaging in ADR or collaborative stakeholder engagement. They also assist in helping the ADR Program understand the policy needs of the field. 

CORE PLUS ADR Advisors: 

The BLM strives to prevent and manage workplace conflict in a productive, efficient and equitable manner.  CORE PLUS (COnflict REsolution PLUS) is a Department of Interior program that applies to all Bureaus in the Department for conflict resolution in the workplace, including both Human Resources and Civil Rights disputes. CORE PLUS ADR Advisors assist in implementing this program, help BLM personnel understand how to operate under the program, and provide feedback to the ADR program. Advisors are generally drawn from the ranks of the BLM’s Human Resources and Civil Rights staff.