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Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program 

Collaborative stakeholder engagement and appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) processes have been recognized by the federal government as key for facing the challenges that arise in managing public lands for multiple use in an environmentally sustainable fashion. 

Multiple laws and policy directives encourage or mandate the use of collaboration and ADR in the federal government. The Bureau of Land Management strives to increase public participation and government transparency through collaborative stakeholder engagement, and recognizes that appropriate use of ADR offers a valuable alternative to conventional methods of resolving disputes.

The Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement and Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program (ADR Program) supports these efforts in the field.  The ADR Program consistently seeks to expand opportunities for public involvement, increasing the BLM's capacity for, and use of, collaboration and ADR through policy directives, tracking and analysis, and through program, field, and public support. Resulting reductions in protests, appeals, and litigation ensure faster and more durable outcomes as well as budget savings and increased community and employee trust.

To learn more about collaborative stakeholder engagement and ADR in the BLM, use the links in the box on the right, or use our site map.  If you can't find the information you need on our website, please contact us.

Natural Resources Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement and ADR

This new publication describes what the BLM, communities, and the public need to know about preventing conflict and resolving disputes involving public lands and resources.  It was created in collaboration with the Interior Dispute Resolution Council and ADR Advisors in BLM's State Offices and Centers. For more information, select this link.


Natural Resources Negotiation Strategies

This companion guide supplements the Negotiation section of the Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement and ADR Field Guide above.  The Negotiation Strategies guide provides process tips and strategies for the BLM, communities, and the public in getting to creative, satisfying, and sustainable agreements through negotiation.  For more information, select this link. 

ADR in cases before the IBLA

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