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NISIMS S1 Toolbar

Some BLM offices may provide you with a mobile GPS device pre-loaded with the software described below and pre-loaded with NISIMS data.  If you need to purchase your own device and install the software, the information below will help guide you.

You can also view the information below in a PDF by clicking HERE.

Required hardware (Mobile Device and SD card), either:

  • GPS Unit that supports the Window’s Mobile operating System (version 5 and up)
  • Tablet or laptop running Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8,  integrated with a GPS Receiver
  • Tablet or laptop running Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system without a GPS receiver (Can enter point locations by X and Y, or can digitize point, line, and polygon features on the screen)
  • Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, iOS or Android devices DO NOT WORK at this time

Required software on desktop:

  • Get ActiveSync (Win XP) or Windows Media Device Center (Win 7+) installed on your PC if you do not have it already. This needs to be done prior to doing the next step.
  • Extract the S1 Mobile Installer onto your PC. (Download)
    • When you run this installer, three of the required pieces of software are available. (ArcPad 10 SP1, S1 ArcPad Toolbar v3.80 or higher, S1 USB Toggle).  Unzip the folder to a location on your PC that you have permissions to.
    • For ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2x, or 10.3 Desktop Users: If you plan on creating your own check-out maps for your mobile device, you will also need to install the S1 Data Manager. (10.1 users: To use the S1 Data Manager, you will need to have ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 Desktop also installed on your PC).  To download the installer for the S1 Data Manager v4.03.04 (Download).
      • To view specific instructions on how to install and use the S1 Data Manager, refer to the User Guide (Download).

Required software on mobile device:

  • You will need to have an ArcPad 10 Service Pack 1 License.  This license costs approximately $500, and will provide you with the ArcPad license code needed during the install.  This code allows an install onto one PC and one mobile device.
  • Factory reset your mobile device. This will erase all data and apps from your device, so backup any files on the device prior to running this step. If ArcPad 10 is already installed but a factory reset will still be performed, be sure to record your ArcPad license code by tapping the ArcPad icon in ArcPad, selecting “About ArcPad…”, then write down the code located just above the copyright. To view specific instructions on how to perform factory resets for most common devices (Download). 
  • Install the S1 Toolbar and ArcPad 10 onto your mobile device.  Plug device into your PC and establish a connection, then run installer by double clicking on the S1_Autorun.exe.  Follow along with the prompts given by the installer.  To download a help guide for the installer (Download).
  • Once the Mobile device has reset and ArcPad has been installed, start ArcPad by clicking on the ArcPad icon on your device’s desktop. You will be prompted to enter the ArcPad registration # (License code), which you wrote down in the step above. Now you can exit ArcPad.
  • Place device in USB Mass Storage Mode. For instructions on putting a device in USB Mass Storage Mode using the S1 USB Toggle app (Download).

Getting started:

  • Your device is now properly configured to run NISIMS!
  • The next step would be to coordinate with your point of contact at the BLM so that they can either check out appropriate data from the NISIMS database to your device, or provide you with the data for you to perform your own checkout.
  • Collect NISIMS Data!