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In Nature

Purple flowers against blue sky

In nature, it is easy to synthesize happiness. So long as you're not in a lightning storm, or getting chased by a bear of course.

So, I think more people should harness the natural beauty of nature, and allow their souls to be cleansed. Too hippy dippy?

I am proud to be part of a Nation that was first in providing legal protection to wilderness. I fear however that mainstream society isn't fully aware of how threatened our wilderness areas really are.

On a personal level, I suppose that what I love most about wilderness is something my brother-in-law mentioned recently. He said he’d hike up the mountain and look out, and with no agenda, he just loved sitting there, simply watching the world be. It was hard for me to understand what he meant until I started taking extended hikes, dropping agenda’s, listening to the quietness, and becoming more comfortable with solitude, and more open to meditation.

Amazing things happen when you reach this spiritual point of contemplation in nature, and I challenge anyone to seek the adventure if they haven’t already done so!

Submitted by: Daniel G

Last updated: 12-20-2012