Soil Resources

Soils and Vegetation

Ecological Site Descriptions (ESD) and soil surveys are integral in project planning. ESD’s provide the ecological background to understand plant community pathways and develop strategies to meet management objectives. Development and interpretation of an ESD is dependent upon necessary information on soils, climate, plant groups and dynamic transitions. The Web Soil Survey provides the essential, detailed information on soil limitations and properties necessary for project planning and implementation.


Soils and Ecosystem Stability
·Soil Indicators and Function
·Soil Quality Assessment
·Soil Management
·Soil Issues
·BLM Authorized Management Activities Affecting Soil
·Organic Matter

Using the Web Soil Survey
Soils and Vegetation
·Ecological Sites and Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs)
·State and Transition Model (STM)
·STM Example
·STM Application and Use
Restoration and Recovery