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State and Transition Model (STM) Example

Transition Diagram for R010XC032OR — SR MOUNTAIN 12–16 PZ Ecological Site

Ecological Site, Transition Diagram 

Transition Description

Bunchgrass dominated landscape

State 1 — 
Reference State, Bunchgrass Dominated

Reduced fire and/or Increased Grazing

Community Phases

  • Perennial forbs and grass
  • Sagebrush Steppe
  • Juniper sagebrush Steppe
  • Fire Prone
Bunchgrass dominate landscape
State 2 — 
Juniper Dominated

A result of continued fire suppression

Removal of juniper can lead back to perennial grass dominated

Community Phases

  • Juniper Sagebrush Steppe (no fire)
  • Leads to Juniper woodlands
Increasing erosion
State 3 —
Increasing Erosion

Juniper Woodland Erosional Phase


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