Air Resources


BLM’s responsibilities for managing air resources are shared throughout the Bureau:

The Washington, DC Office establishes Bureau-wide program goals and objectives, formulates and analyzes national level policies and guidance, and sets national Air Program priorities, including budgeting, planning, and program management. The BLM Washington Office also coordinates with the U.S. Department of the Interior on Departmental initiatives and collaborates with other Federal agencies and partners on the national level.

State BLM Air Program Leads ensure BLM activities, programs, and projects comply with FLPMA and all applicable Federal, Tribal, State, and local air quality laws, regulations, and state implementation plans.

The National Operations Center provides technical support to all BLM Offices and responding to requests for technical assistance and support related to monitoring, emission inventories, dispersion modeling, best management practices and other air issues.

The National Training Center develops training opportunities to provide the necessary technical and management skills needed for effective air resource management, working closely with the BLM air resource specialists.

Washington, DC Air Program contacts:

Larisa Ford, PhD, MPA
Soil, Water, and Air Program Lead
Phone: 202–912–7137
Fax: 202-912-7182

Theresa Alexander
Air Resource Specialist

Phone: 202–912–7276


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