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Summary Timeline of the Sage-grouse Planning Effort

This table is a summary timeline by state of the BLM's Greater Sage-grouse planning effort.  Some states, such as Montana and Wyoming, are involved in plans that have multiple boundaries.  Please note that this timeline is subject to change as the agencies move through the planning process.  Return to: Documents and Resources » | Greater Sage-grouse Main Page »


BLM Greater Sage-grouse Planning Timeline Summary Table, by State
(Information is subject to change)

Plan Location and Name (links to Websites will be added 
as they become available)
BLM Field Offices/
Forest Service
Forest Addressed
90-day Draft EIS Comment PeriodFinal EIS and Proposed RMP AmendmentIssue Record of Decision and Approved RMP
 California and Nevada:  Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy EIS

 BLM Nevada:  Tonapah FO; Mt. Lewis FO; Black Rock Desert NCA; Sierra Front FO; Stillwater FO; Tuscarora FO, Wells FO; Egan FO; Schell FO, Caliente FO; Black Rock FO; Humboldt FO

 BLM California:   Alturas FO; Eagle Lake FO; Surprise FO

 Forest Service (all in Nevada):  Humboldt National Forest;  Toiyabe National Forest

 April - June 2013 Fall 2014 Summer 2014
 Colorado:  NW Colorado Sage-Grouse EIS Plan Amendment

Grand Junction FO; White River FO; Kremmling FO; Colorado River Valley FO; Little Snake FO

 Forest Service: 
Routt National Forest

 March 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013 February 2014 October 2014
 Idaho:  Idaho and Southwestern Montana Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy EIS

 BLM Idaho:  Birds of Prey NCA; Bruneau FO; Challis FO; Craters of the Moon NM; Four Rivers FO; Jarbidge FO; Salmon FO; Owyhee FO; Pocatello FO; Shoshone FO; Burley FO;  Upper Snake FO

 BLM Montana:  Dillon FO

 Forest Service Idaho:   Boise National Forest; Salman-Challis Natonal Forest; Targhee, Curlew National Grasslands; Caribou National Forest; Sawtooth (including a small portion in Utah)

 Forest Service Montana:  Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

 April - June 2013 Fall 2014 Summer 2014
 Montana:  Billings/Pompeys Pillar National Monument RMP/EIS BLM:  Billings FO Summer 2012 FY2013 (Winter) Spring 2014
 Montana:  HiLine RMP/EIS BLM:  HiLine District Office; Malta FO; Glasgow FO; Havre FO September 2013 FY2013 (Spring) Spring 2014
 Montana:  Miles City RMP/EIS BLM:  Miles City FO September 2013 FY2014 Spring 2014
 Montana:  Lewistown FO Greater Sage-grouse Plan Amendment BLM:  Lewistown FO January 2013 July 2013 August 2013
 North Dakota:  North Dakota FO Greater Sage-grouse EIS/Amendment BLM:  North Dakota FO May 2013 April 2014 July 2014
 Oregon:  Oregon Sub-Regional Greater Sage-grouse Planning Strategy EIS

 BLM Oregon:  Deschutes FO; Central Oregon FO; Steens Mtn. NCA; Andrews FO; Three Rivers FO

 Forest Service:  None

 April - June 2013 Fall 2013 Summer 2014
 South Dakota:  South Dakota RMP/EIS BLM:  South Dakota FO September 2013 FY2014 Spring 2014
 Utah:  Utah Sub-Regional Greater Sage-grouse Planning Strategy EIS

 BLM Utah:  Kanab, GSENM, Richfield FO; Price FO, Vernal FO; Cedar City FO; Fillmore FO;  Salt Lake City FO

 Forest Service:  Dixie, Fishlake National Forest; Ashley  National Forest; Manti-LaSal  National Forest; Uintah  National Forest; Wastach-Cache  (A small portion of the Ashley and Wastach-Cache NF fall in Wyoming, but will be planned for in the Utah Sub-regional plan.)

 April - June 2013 Fall 2014 Summer 2014
 Wyoming:  Bighorn Basin RMP BLM:  Worland FO; Cody FO April 22, 2011 to September 7, 2011 October 2012 May 2013
 Wyoming:  Lander RMP BLM:  Lander FO September 9, 2011 to January 20, 2012 February 2013 October 2013
 Wyoming:  Buffalo RMP BLM:  Buffalo FO October 26, 2012 to January 26, 2013 September 2013 May 2014
 Wyoming:  9 Plan GSG RMP Amendment

 BLM:  Pinedale FO; Kemmerer FO; Rock Springs FO; Rawlins FO; Casper FO; Newcastle FO

 Forest Service:  Thunder Basin National Grasslands; Medicine Bow National Forest; Bridger-Teton National Forest

 March 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013 December 2013 July 2014

Last updated: 10-15-2012