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Baseline Input data:
BER baseline geospatial data were acquired for all threats identified in the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) listing decision that can be represented spatially. These data were acquired range-wide, as available, from both internal (BLM and Forest Service (USFS)) and external sources beginning in August, 2011.
• All data, both internal and external, were considered the "best available" at the time of data collection. National data were “frozen” in June and July 2012 (although verification and adjustments of some of the datsets continued through December 2012), while other data (for example, compiled from other sources) were the most current available, based on the supplying office, agency or organization.
• Internal data were compiled using intra-agency data calls, and often included data submitted in segments, from different administrative units, across the BLM and USFS management areas. These datasets were aggregated and reviewed, but time constraints limited the ability to revise these data for quality and completeness, fix geometry errors (gaps and overlaps), and edge-match across jurisdictions.
Downloadable Data
Links are provided to externally sourced baseline data. Some of these data may be freely downloaded, while others have licensing requirements, as determined by the provider. The Data links below will open a spreadsheet of dataset names, descriptions, metadata and layer packages.

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