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 Small Business Program Overview

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Business Program Overview

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is committed to increasing contracting opportunities for the small business community.  Through the links below, find resources tailored to your small business needs. 

Note:  These resources supplement - not replace - the contracting information on our site.  You should also read the contracting information for business procedures and requirements.


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Small Businesses Specialists

The Small Business Specialist serves as the primary liaison between the BLM and private-sector small businesses seeking to do business with the Federal government.  Small Business Specialists advise small businesses about current acquisitions and contracts available from the Federal government. 

In the table below, find the BLM Small Business Specialist nearest you.   



Dottie Williams, 202-912-7476, 


Alissa Varrati, 907-271-3439, 


Sandra Kharan, 602-417-9325, 


Julia Lang, 916-978-4527, 


Sara Dawson, 303-239-3764, 


Linda Pitzer, 208-383-3909, 


Paris Everson, 406-896-5148, 


Kenda Tucker, 775-861-6417, 

 New Mexico

H. Reb Conn, 505-761-8946,


Gail Mance, 503-808-6228, 


Steven Wimmer, 801-539-4172, 


Janet Edmonds, 307-775-6007, 

 NIFC (Idaho)

Shawna Rogers-Bailey, 208-387-5546,

 NOC  (Colorado)

Sonya Tweten-Grout, 303-236-9434,











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