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Financial Assistance

OR Youth Corps

Grants and cooperative agreements support positive partnerships with organizations and individuals through financial assistance.  Find resources for grants and partnerships with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) through the links below.

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Grants Management Officers

In the table below, find a Grant Management Officer (GMO) in your local area.


 Eastern States

Eddie Bell Jr. (Temp), 602-417-9268,
Maria Gochis, Bureau Grants Policy Manager,


Betty Lockard, 907-271-2816,
Patrick Euler, 907-271-4136,


Eddie Bell Jr., 602-417-9268, 
Frank Harlan PA, 602-417-9325,


Traci Thaler, 916-978-4529,
Leona Parker, 530-252-5338,
 Julia Lang PA, 916-978-4527,


Ruth Ann Raisanen, 303-239-3605,
Eleni Sarris, 303-239-9308,
Sara Dawson PA, 303-239-3764,


Chris Shaver, 208-373-3817,
Linda Pitzer PA, 208-373-3909,


Belinda Dumund, 406-896-5196,
Britney Lindford PA, 406-896-5188,


Susan Kaller, 775-861-6559,
Gretchen Eykelbosh, 775-861-6740,
David Appold PA, 775-861-6417,

 New Mexico

Charise Saiz, 505-761-8725,


Sheryl Dowely, 503-808-6243,
Jessica Clark, 503-808-6226,
Carrie Wakumoto, 503-808-6490,


Maria Gochis, 801-539-4178,
Melanie Beckstead, 801-539-4169,
Leslie Gunn PA, 801-539-4177, 


Allegra Ramey (Temp), 307-775-6043,
Matt Burns PA, 307-775-6056, 


 Tina Hamalak, 303-236-4676, 

Michelle Elliott, 303-236-6402, 


Chris Shaver, 208-373-3817, 
Jeff Worthley PA, 208-387-5546, 


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