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BLM Acquisitions Services and Financial Assistance


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acquires goods and services in support of the agency's multiple-use mission. 

Through the links below, learn how to find and compete for business with the BLM.  

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Types of Awards

1. Micropurchases

Micropurchases, a category that was created under the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA), consist of purchases that do not exceed $2,500 for services and $3,000 for goods. While micropurchases are not set aside for small businesses, they may be awarded noncompetitively if the contracting officer considers the price to be reasonable. Micropurchases are equitably distributed among qualified suppliers to the extent practicable. Micropurchases are usually not handled by procurement staff. Instead, they are made by various government employees who are authorized to use a U.S. Government MasterCard for purchases of goods and services. Please ask for the government employee who has purchase authority using the charge card before you provide any goods or services. If you do not accept MasterCard, then a contracting officer will need to make the commitment and issue you a convenience check.

2. Small Purchases

Small purchases are those valued at $150,000 or less; this value is referred to as the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT). With the exception of micropurchases of $3,000 or less, procurements valued at $150,000 or under are reserved for small businesses and simplified acquisition procedures apply. These purchases must be set aside unless the contracting officer determines that there is little likelihood of obtaining offers from two or more responsible small business firms that are competitive in terms of market prices, quality, and delivery. In this instance, full and open competition from both large and small firms or a partial small business set-aside can be used. Even in full and open competition, small businesses are encouraged to compete.

3. Blanket Purchase Agreements

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are agreements between the Government and suppliers for repeat purchases during a certain period. A contracting officer may write a BPA if a product or service is going to be purchased several times. This process of establishing “charge accounts” with several qualified sources of supply reduces paperwork, so contracting officers usually issue a number of BPAs to several suppliers for the same types of products or services.

4. Federal Supply Schedules

The Federal Supply Service (FSS) provides products and servies through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules Program, the Stock and Special Order Programs, consolidated purchases, and other contracting programs. Information on the Federal Supply Schedule is located in FAR Subpart 8.4 at

5. Subcontracting Opportunities

Being a prime contractor to the Federal government is only one strategy for locating contract opportunities. You can also become a subcontractor to a current government contractor. Public Law 95-507 mandates that all prime contracts over $650,000 awarded to large businesses have a subcontracting plan maximizing the use of small businesses as subcontractors. A large company holds the contract, and you would be subcontracted a portion of the work. To take advantage of subcontracting opportunities, you need to market your goods and services to the prime contractor’s small business contact

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