There is a growing spirit of volunteerism and service in this country. As principal stewards of 245 million acres of public lands and resources, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) cannot possibly accomplish the day-to-day responsibilities of the agency's complex, multiple-use mandate alone. It relies heavily on the help of its volunteers, who believe in the agency's mission, love the public lands, and are willing to volunteer their time and energy in the spirit of service. In 2007, volunteers contributed over 1.2 million hours of time and talent valued at over 24 million dollars. That's equivalent to the work of more than 800 full-time agency employees! Nearly half of all volunteer hours are related to recreation. This contribution represents a staggering volume of work in trail construction, facility repair, rock art documentation, wilderness restoration, conservation education, and other enhancements to the public lands.

For more information on BLM's Volunteer Program, please visit the BLM Volunteers web site.