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BLM  Rangers

BLM Rangers are uniformed officers who provide a regular and recurring presence over vast areas of public lands.  They are responsible for conducting high visibility patrols; conducting public contacts; enforcing federal laws and regulations; assisting local county or city police departments, other federal and state land management agencies, and BLM Special Agents investigating illegal activity on public lands; and generally providing for the safety of BLM employees and public land users.

BLM Rangers regularly patrol public lands by four-wheel drive vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle, aircraft, snowmobile, jet ski, boat, horse, and even the oldest patrol method—on foot.  The job of a Ranger varies considerably depending on location.  In the southwestern desert areas, Rangers spend a great deal of time dealing with large numbers of recreational users and off-highway vehicle issues, as well as a variety of resource theft and vandalism incidents; Rangers along the southern border may encounter illegal aliens and smuggling while their counterparts in Alaska travel long distances by aircraft and snow machine to patrol remote areas of public lands; and, Rangers in urban areas may encounter crimes related to alcohol, hazardous materials and other dumping, wildland fire and arson, and many other trespass concerns.

BLM Rangers are stationed primarily in the eleven western states including Alaska, and work in a variety of grassland, forest, high mountain, arctic tundra, and desert environments.  Rangers work on the fringes of some of the largest cities in the U.S., and we have a significant presence in Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.