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Land Tenure
In managing the 245 million acres of public lands under its jurisdiction, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) provides for land use, purchase, exchange, donation and sale; determines the boundaries of Federal land; and maintains historic records for these ownership transactions.
Land ownership transfer through purchase, exchange, donation and sale is an important component of the BLM's land management strategy.  The Bureau completes ownership transactions involving land and interests in land when such transactions are in the public interest and consistent with publicly-approved land use plans.  The BLM's Land Tenure program is designed to:
  • Improve management of natural resources through consolidation of Federal, Tribal, State and private lands;
  • Increase recreational opportunities and secure public access to public lands;
  • Preserve open space and traditional landscapes;
  • Secure key property necessary to protect endangered species, promote biological diversity and preserve wildlife habitat and migration corridors;
  • Preserve archaeological, historical and paleontological resources;
  • Implement specific acquisitions authorized by Acts of Congress; and
  • Allow for expansion of communities and consolidation of non-Federal land ownership.
Each BLM State Office has a land tenure contact who can assist with the details of these ownership transactions.