Filming Fees

Cost Reimbursement (Processing And Monitoring) Fees And Rental Fees must be paid before filming is permitted on public land. Generally it is easiest to submit all fees with the application. Processing fees are non-refundable, but monitoring and rental fees will be refunded if the application is not approved.

PROCESSING AND MONITORING FEES vary depending on the estimated hours of BLM time required to process the application and to monitor filming and reclamation. In most cases, minimal impact filming at popular locations requires payment of Category 1 fees. These fees are generally paid with the application after coordination with the local BLM contact. The fees are based on the following schedule:

11 to 8$  122
28 to 24$  428
324 to 36$  806
436 to 50 $1,156
5Not applicable to Film Permits
650+Full reimbursement for actual costs

*Processing and Monitoring Fees may be assessed using separate categories

RENTAL fees vary per State and are generally established by Statewide appraisals. The following schedules are from the three states that process the most BLM filming permits:


Motion Pictures/VideosCommercial Still Photography
1 - 30 people$250/day1 - 10 people$100/day
31 - 60 people$500/day11 - 30 people$150/day
Over 60 people$600/dayOver 30 people$250/day


Motion Pictures/VideosCommercial Still Photography
1 - 30 people$250 location/day1 - 10 people$100 location/day
31 - 60 people$500 location/day11 - 30 people$150 location/day
Over 60 people$600 location/dayOver 30 people$250 location/day


Motion Pictures/VideosCommercial Still Photography
1 - 30 people$250/location/day1 - 10 people$100/location/day
31 - 60 people$500/location/day11 - 30 people$150/location/day
Over 60 people$600/location/dayOver 30 people$250/location/day

INSURANCE: All applications must include a certificate of insurance naming the United States Department of the Interior - BLM as co-insured. Contact the appropriate BLM Field Office for specific dollar amount.

BONDING: Permittees may be required to provide cash bonds to assure reclamation of sets or sensitive locations.

For more information on film permitting, please contact Vanessa Engle.