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Project Management

HAZMAT truck and personal preparing for illegal dump clean up

BLM project managers are challenged to develop, oversee and maintain high quality projects that are timely, cost-effective and focused on risk reduction. They are often tasked with multiple responsibilities and project management is usually a co-lateral duty as assigned. In addition, available funding sources such as the Department of the Interior's Central Hazardous Materials Fund (CHF) and Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund (NRDAR) and BLM's Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) and Abandoned Mine Land (AML) cleanup programs have limited appropriations, so project managers should use every available tool at their disposal to ensure that the cleanup is well executed. 
WO-360 is in the process of developing a Project Management Handbook (PM Handbook) which documents project management processes, principles and best practices. The PM Handbook will assist BLM environmental cleanup project managers in improving the financial management, quality and communication issues of their project. The Project Management Handbook applies to all BLM employees who manage or oversee the cleanup of Hazmat or AML Sites. BLM employees assigned the responsibility for managing medium to long-term or complex environmental cleanup projects, i.e. those funded by the DOI CHF or NRDAR funds, or by the BLM Hazmat or AML cleanup funds, are encouraged to follow the project management guidance as described in the Handbook.

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