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Natural Resource Damage Assessment
and Restoration Program

Chemical contaminationResource Injury is a measurable decrease in the ecological health of a resource. Inquiries are likely to happen wherever extensive land or water areas may be impacted, such as around mines, at chemical dumps, along pipelines, and wherever highly valued resources are located. Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) project are coordinated with Superfund and Oil Pollution Act cleanups in determining actual resource injuries. The primary aim of the NRDAR Program (Restoration Program) is to restore natural resources injured as the result of oil spills or hazardous substance releases.

The program assesses the damages and injuries to natural resources entrusted to DOI to negotiate legal settlements or to take other legal actions against the responsible polluting parties. (See These funds are then used to fund further damage assessments. Funds from these settlements are then used to restore the injured resource at no expense to the taxpayer. Settlements often include the recovery of costs incurred in assessing the damages.
Illegal dump in the desertThrough NRDAR, BLM can: identify natural resources injuries and polluters; chances for recovery; work with the public and the polluters in planning restoration; seek payment from the polluters for resources restoration costs; and, restore or replace resources to pre-contamination conditions.
Project scoping and start-up funds may come from special the DOI funds. Assessment funds come from polluters though negotiation or from DOI. Restoration funds generally come from the polluter, either through negotiations or legal action. Local BLM might choose to provide some support (staffing, heavy equipment, etc.) to help get the job done. NRDAR project funding proposal are generally due to DOI in September.

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