Typical CASHE Findings

  1. CASHE and Safety Management System Information
  2. CASHE Process
  3. Statues of the Program
  4. Typical Findings
  5. Implementation of Recommendations and
    Prevention of Future Noncompliance 
  6. Compliance Areas
  7. Audit Schedule
  • Bureau operated public drinking water supplies are improperly sampled and record keeping is inadequate.

  • Incompatible storage of hazardous materials is common electrical wiring in buildings or on power tools is unsafe.

  • Improper storage of hazardous material, hazardous waste, and used oil.

  • Hazardous waste generation is primarily due to expired product shell life and improper storage (e.g. freezing paint).

  • Employees are not given hazard specific training as required by OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.

  • Required written plan are inadequate or do not exist (e.g. drinking water monitoring, SPCC, HAZCOM, employee emergence actions and fire prevention plans).

  • Hazardous materials are transported in noncompliant containers.

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