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Status of the BLM CASHE Program

  1. CASHE and Safety Management Module
  2. CASHE Process
  3. Statues of the Program
  4. Typical Findings
  5. Implementation of Recommendations and
    Prevention of Future Noncompliance 
  6. Compliance Areas
  7. Audit Schedule
  • Follow-up CASHE visits are performed at every organizational unit on a two to five year cycle depending on how well it did on the previous audit.

  • Over 15.000 individual findings related to noncompliance have been identified and approximately 80% of them have been corrected.

  • The field receives $600,000 to $1,000,000 annually in CASHE Corrective Action funding to facilitate their implementation of CASHE recommendations. Over 6 million dollars of Deferred Maintenance money has set aside by the BLM since FY 2001 to fund the CASHE corrective actions that are not already included in the Bureau’s Five Year Deferred Maintenance Plan. Contact the CASHE Program Lead for information on how to request this funding.

  • About 80% to 90% of CASHE findings can be corrected at no cost, and over 99% can be corrected for $2,500 or less.

  • The BLM has a performance measure to increase the percentage of organizational units rated in good safety, health, and environmental condition. The percentage rated in good condition has increased from 45% in FY 2001 to 83% in FY 2006. An organizational unit must have all its high priority CASHE audits completed to be rated in good condition.

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