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CASHE Process

  1. CASHE and Safety Management Module
  2. CASHE Process
  3. Statues of the Program
  4. Typical Findings
  5. Implementation of Recommendations and
    Prevention of Future Noncompliance 
  6. Compliance Areas
  7. Audit Schedule
Background: The CASHE process has been successfully performed in every Field Office in the Bureau with the exception of one in Eastern States and one in Oklahoma. The CASHE process is not an inspection program, but a cooperative effort among field personnel and the Washington Office to improve facility management. The benefiting activities include engineering, recreation, operations, fire, wild horse and burro, safety, and HAZMAT. CASHE assessments "improve the Way We Do Business." Specific benefits to the Bureau include:
  • Increased safety, health, and environmental awareness;

  • Improved protection of the public's and employees' health;

  • Prevention of environmental damage or an accident along with potentially saving thousands of dollars in environmental restoration or worker's compensation costs;

  • Enhanced opportunities for training BLM personnel in environmental and hazardous material safety and health issues specific to Bureau facilities and operations;

  • Fostering of collaborative solutions to hazardous material safety and environmental management issues;

  • Improved transfer of environmental and hazardous material safety and health information and technology; Facilitated budgeting for compliance;

  • Facilitated budgeting for compliance;

  • Demonstration of BLM's leadership.

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