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The West Desert Adaptive Resource Management (WDARM)
Local Working Group
Salt Lake (Utah) Field Office

The West Desert Adaptive Resource Management Group (WDARM) is composed of stakeholders from Tooele, Juab and Millard Counties in west-central Utah. The BLM is steward of more than 600,000 acres of sage-grouse habitat within the working group’s boundaries. 

The WDARM is one of 12 community-based conservation groups organized by the Utah State University Extension Services to develop plans for conserving sage-grouse and other wildlife species that inhabit Utah’s sagebrush-steppe ecosystems and enhance the economic sustainability of local communities.

The group’s main objective is to finalize and implement a sage-grouse conservation plan for the three-county area. Planning and coordination of efforts to conserve and manage sagebrush habitat is also benefiting other wildlife populations.

Regular meetings facilitated by USU-Extension enable partners to identify factors that may be contributing to declining sage-grouse populations in the West Desert, to develop projects to address these issues and enhance sage-grouse populations and sage-steppe communities in the area. 

The USU Department of Forest, Range and Wildlife Resources conducted research in 2005-2006 on the factors affecting sage-grouse habitat use in the West Desert. The findings will be used by the WDARM to develop management actions to include in a sage-grouse conservation plan.

The BLM is an active member of the WDARM along with USU faculty and researchers, landowners, conservation groups, representatives of local industry, county and state officials, the Goshute Tribe and members of local communities.

Local BLM contacts: Erin Darboven & Holly Roberts, Salt Lake Field Office – (801) 977-4300


Last updated: 03-05-2010