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The Washington Sage-Grouse Working Group
Spokane District Office/Wenatchee Resource Area Office

The Spokane District encompasses all BLM-managed lands in the State of Washington, the majority of which lie east of the Cascade Crest. The BLM manages nearly 250,000 (6.1%) of the acres within sage-grouse management units identified by the State of Washington. 

The BLM has been an active member of the Washington Sage-Grouse Working Group since its formation in 1997-98. The group completed the state’s Sage-Grouse Recovery Plan in May 2004 to guide recovery efforts for Washington sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat, and serve as the basis for agency-specific conservation strategies. The group has also developed a multi-party five-year action plan for sage-grouse that outlines specific actions and responsibilities for sage-grouse recovery. Work to implement these plans began in June 2004.

The goal of the Plan is to establish a viable population of sage-grouse in a substantial portion of the species' historic range in Washington. It establishes quantitative objectives to measure the progress of recovery in terms of population and the number of active leks, and prioritizes specific strategies and tasks for achieving recovery.

The Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife and Natural Resources, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Yakama Nation, the U.S. Army (Yakima Training Center), the North American Grouse Partnership, The Nature Conservancy, and private botany consultants participated in the Working Group along with the BLM.

Local BLM Contact: Neal Hedges, Wenatchee Resource Area – (509) 665-2135

Research by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife examines the status of six different grouse species, including Greater sage-grouse. Click on the WDFW logo for an audio clip of a strutting sage-grouse.


Last updated: 03-05-2010