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The Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group
Sage-Grouse Pod (Subcommittee)
Elko (Nevada) Field Office

The work of the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group (NNSG) covers Elko County, in northeastern Nevada. The BLM’s Elko District encompasses 12.5 million acres with typical Great Basin topography of broad valleys separated by mountain ranges. The group classified nearly 8.6 million acres of land in Elko County as suitable or potentially suitable habitat.

The NNSG is in the midst of its second five years of collaborative stewardship, using partnership to encourage science-based management of public lands. In 1999 the group’s Sage Grouse Pod formed to examine issues surrounding the management of sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat in Elko County.

By December 1999, discussions led the group to identify habitat quality and quantity, predation, disease, and human influences as issues for further study. These were explored further in early 2000, with the Group then deciding to formally study sage-grouse and write a management strategy.

In 2004, the Elko County Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation Strategy (2.31 MB PDF) became part of the Nevada Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy.

The NNSG was organized by a number of Elko County citizens who attended the BLM-sponsored training workshop called “Community-Based Partnerships and Ecosystems for a Healthy Environment.” Employees of the BLM Elko FO are active members of the Sage Grouse Pod, and the agency is also represented on the NNSG Board of Directors.

Local BLM Contact: Mike Brown, Elko Field Office – (775) 753-0200

One of many leks on the Willow Creek Ridge, north of Willow Creek Reservoir in Elko County, Nevada. Male sage-grouse appear in the top half of the photo, which was taken during a helicopter survey of the area. The Nevada Department of Wildlife and the NNSG are assessing the impact of a July 2005 wildfire on sage-grouse activities, including loafing, resting, foraging, roosting, nesting, brood-rearing and wintering.

Last updated: 03-05-2010