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The Bi-State Sage-Grouse Planning Group
Bishop (California) Field Office

The bi-State area for sage-grouse planning includes Lyon, Douglas, Mineral, Esmeralda, Carson City, and Storey Counties in Nevada, and Inyo and Mono Counties in California. The Planning Group consists of local biologists, land managers, land users and others with a common concern for the Greater sage-grouse in western Nevada and eastern California. It adopted the goals outlined by the Nevada governor’s sage-grouse conservation team.

The first edition of the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan for the Bi-State Area of Nevada and Eastern California was published in June 2004. It establishes conservation goals, objectives and priorities for managing sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat in six population management units.

The plan calls for no net-loss of sage-grouse breeding populations in the planning area and for implementing scientifically and economically sound management strategies for managing sage-grouse populations and habitats. It also sets detailed objectives for maintaining, restoring and improving critical habitat; eliminating or substantially reducing threats to sage-grouse and sagebrush habitats; and continuing or expanding data collection to support monitoring, assessment and future planning.

The BLM Field Office in Bishop, California has been engaged in various monitoring and habitat-improvement efforts for a number of years, some dating to the 1970s. The Field Office website details ongoing work to conserve sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat.

The first edition of the Bi-State Plan represents more than two years of collaboration among land managers, land users, non-governmental scientists and others, including students of science teacher Steve Pellegrini at Yerington (Nevada) High School.

The group remains intact and committed to completing the work outlined in the plan and expanding or revising it as more is learned about sage-grouse populations in the bi-State area.

Local BLM Contacts (Bishop Field Office): Terry Russi, (760) 872-5035 and Steve Nelson, (760) 872-5006

An area proposed in the Bi-State Plan for pinon-juniper treatment. Note the density of pinon in the foreground and pinon encroachment on the sagebrush in the right background.

Last updated: 03-05-2010