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Plant Conservation Alliance

The Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) is a public-private partnership of organizations that share the same goal: to protect native plants by ensuring that native plant populations and their communities are maintained, enhanced, and restored.

PCA is a collaborative partnership among 12 federal agency Members and over 300 non-federal Cooperators. PCA Members and Cooperators work collaboratively to solve the problems of native plant conservation and native habitat restoration, ensuring the sustainability of our ecosystems. The depth and strength of PCA is in the scientific expertise, networking, and the ability to pool resources to protect, conserve, and restore our national plant heritage for generations to come.

To accomplish its goals, PCA has a framework that is carried out by a Federal Committee, a Non-Governmental Organization Committee and five working groups.

PCA’s Federal Committee

The PCA Federal Committee works to identify and recommend, as appropriate, priority conservation needs for native plants and their habitats, and coordinate implementation of programs for addressing those needs. It serves as a forum for coordination and implementation of a national native plant conservation program, consisting of public education and outreach, research, conservation actions, native plant materials development coordination, databases and information exchange, and international programs. Federal Committee members are encouraged to take appropriate action within the limits of their respective authorities, policies, and budgets. The PCA Federal Committee coordinates program implementation with State natural resource agencies and natural heritage programs where appropriate, and promotes cooperative efforts with States, Tribal land managers, and local, national, and international conservation organizations through existing agreements or through establishment of new agreements. The PCA Federal Committee is chaired by Peggy Olwell, Plant Conservation Program Lead for the Bureau of Land Management.

PCA’s Non-Federal Cooperator Committee

The PCA Non-Federal Cooperator Committee is chaired by Kayri Havens, Medard and Elizabeth Welch Senior Director, Ecology and Conservation Senior Scientist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The PCA NFC Committee represents the interests and ideas of various organizations such as botanic gardens, universities, educational groups, state agencies, businesses, professional societies, trade associations, native plant societies, and garden clubs. The PCA NFC Committee partners with the PCA Federal Committee and others to advance plant conservation, promote native plant community restoration, and conduct botanical conservation science. The PCA NFC Committee website is at