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Fish, Wildlife and Plant Conservation



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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages more than 245 million acres of public lands – all supporting a diversity of fish, wildlife and plants, including threatened, endangered and “at risk” species. 

In fact, the BLM manages more wildlife and plant habitat than any other federal or state agency in the country. 

When authorizing land use activities such as recreation, livestock grazing, energy development or forest management, BLM must ensure the needs of wildlife, fish and plants are taken into consideration. 

The BLM manages these resources in cooperation with state and other federal agencies. The BLM also works to improve the health of entire watersheds to sustain and enhance a variety of biological communities.   

Accomplishments of the Fisheries, Wildlife, Threatened & Endangered Species, and Plant Conservation Programs (FY 2011)

The BLM and the Sage-Grouse: The BLM manages 30 million acres of sagebrush habitat occupied by the greater sage-grouse in 11 States. This is about half of the remaining sagebrush habitat in the U.S.  The sage-grouse is a Candidate Species for listing under the Endangered Species Act.