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Interagency Cadastral Coordination Council

The Interagency Cadastral Coordination Council (ICCC) is made up of federal agencies that require and/or conduct boundary surveying services to support their agency missions. The Bureau of Land Management has the delegated federal authority for conducting official surveys of the Public Land Survey System and is the lead agency for the ICCC. The ICCC was formed in the early 1980’s to coordinate surveying activities/needs among the federal agencies, reduce duplication of efforts, and promote partnerships to accomplish common goals.

Many local coordination efforts take place constantly between two or more agencies. National meetings are held periodically to provide information between agencies, maintain network contacts, and identify/plan future partnership opportunities.


Agency Websites

Bureau of Indian Affairshttp://www.doi.gov/bureau-indian-affairs.html 
Bureau of Land Managementhttp://www.blm.gov/cadastral/ 
Bureau of Reclamationhttp://www.usbr.gov/ 
Mineral Management Servicehttp://www.mms.gov/ 
National Park Servicehttp://www.nps.gov/ 
Office of Surface Minninghttp://www.osmre.gov/  
U.S. Forest Servicehttp://www.fs.fed.us/ 
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servicehttp://www.fws.gov/ 
U.S. Geological Surveyhttp://www.usgs.gov/