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Typically, BLM recruits potential surveyors through the Pathways Program.  Upon graduation and successful completion of the Program, participants may be converted to an entry level Cadastral Surveyor position without competition.  Promotion within the journeyman level and beyond can come quickly to the employee who remains flexible in their work location.  This is your opportunity to become a member of the BLM family in an exciting and rewarding career.

Pathways Program - Office of Personnel Management program description and policy.

Powerpoint Presentations

Careers in Alaska6816 Kb15.09.2016
Careers in California 4818 Kb15.09.2016
Careers in Nevada16515 Kb15.09.2016
Various Survey Locations3889 Kb15.09.2016
Watching the Detectives30256 Kb15.09.2016

Student Testimonials

Student Surveyor Testimonial Wyoming13 Kb24.02.2014

BLM Cadastral Survey Student Employment Information

2015 Compensation Employment with the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey Program -- Compensation Information78 Kb04.03.2015
2015 Contact ListCadastral Survey State Office Contact Information84 Kb04.03.2015
2015 FAQsFrequently Asked Questions for the Student Education Employment Program7 Kb04.03.2015
2015 Position DescriptionStudent Education Employment Program-- Land Surveyor Employment Opportunities for the 2008 Field Season 76 Kb04.03.2015


ABET -The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is a federation of 31 professional engineering and technical societies. Since 1932, ABET has provided quality assurance of education through accreditation. ABET accredits more than 2500 engineering, engineering technology, computing and applied science programs at over 550 colleges and universities nationally. ABET is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

NCEES - The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), commonly referred to as the "Council," is comprised of engineering and surveying licensing boards. These Member Boards represent all jurisdictions and U.S. territorial jurisdictions.

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